Cyber Security

54% of all small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) experienced a data breach between July 2016 and June 2017

According to a survey of 60 SMBs who were infected by ransomware, 100% of them were running anti-virus software at the time of infection.

The stats above are real, the IT landscape has changed, and SMBs are now the primary targets for cyberattacks.

Security that was considered robust only a couple of years ago is no longer so strong, and besides the obvious downtime and reputational damage of an attack, and the associated financial implications is often too severe for businesses to recover from.

As a certified Managed Service Provider, you can count on us to keep your business critical data where it’s supposed to be: in your hands. We also understand that no two businesses are exactly the same, which is why we don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach.

We’ll talk to you about your individual organisational requirements, covering everything from Bring Your Own Device policies to disaster planning, recovery and support. We’ll begin by visiting your place of business to gain a full picture of your current set up and identify any security risks.

Once we understand the situation, we’ll provide you with a full report based on our findings. And like everything else we offer, it will be explained in plain English and come with absolutely no obligation.

Our Cyber Security services include:

Two-Factor Authentication

Using 2-factor authentication with your cloud services and applications adds another layer of protection and makes it harder for hackers to steal your identity.

Laptop Encryption

If a laptop is lost or stolen, data can easily be breached. But by simply encrypting the hard drive, it will be safe from harm.

Email Encryption

Email isn’t a secure way to send confidential information. It can be easily intercepted or hacked. We can help you implement Email Encryption to ensure your communications are secure.

Secure VPN

Working remotely from coffee shops could be putting your entire network at risk. Public connections aren’t secure and can leave you vulnerable to attacks. We will help you implement a secure VPN to ensure that you and your people stay safe on public internet.

Web Filtering

Employees usually have full access to the internet on their work computers, including websites which carry viruses. We provide software that filters your internet so you’re always safe on the net.

Robust Security Software

All anti-virus software is not created equally. It’s increasingly common for business owners to install a security program to protect them, only to discover they’ve been hacked anyway. We take the reins with all our clients’ security software, remotely managing every computer from our office. If there’s a potential issue, we’ll spot it instantly and stop it dead.

Security Updates

Remember the ransomware attacks in 2017? It happened because essential security updates weren’t installed, revealing to the world that even the most established organisations can fall prey to cyber criminals.

Our security updates will be continuously updated on your network, keeping you safe and preventing your organisation from experiencing expensive downtime.

We’ll install and integrate top-notch cyber security software to your network so nothing gets through.

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