Perimeter Security Solutions

A Perimeter Intruder Detection System (PIDS) is usually installed in an
outdoor environment at the perimeter limits or around sensitive,
high-risk areas. The system is designed to detect, deter, and delay an
intruder which provides critical time for security teams to respond to
any unauthorised intrusion. The strategic application of external
intruder detectors can provide significant cost savings in terms of
manpower, loss recovery and damage limitation, quickly recovering the
initial capital outlay.

However, it is more difficult than designing systems for the controlled environment found inside most premises as we need to have a system that not only suits the type of perimeter but also one that can perform equally well in all extremes of weather conditions.

Access control, CCTV, intelligent video, etc.. all form part of the PIDS as well as invisible buried detection systems, fence security using microphonic and fibre optic cable, microwave barriers and Doppler detectors, infrared systems using beams and barriers, taut wire and fibre optic detection systems. All these can significantly enhance the performance of any perimeter security. Opticom can provide innovative and effective solutions to combat all forms of perimeter intrusion.

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